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SNCF Connect & Tech


SNCF Connect & Tech is the French leader in digital and e-commerce in the mobility sector. SNCF Connect & Tech brings together digital skills to serve the customer. Drawing on the expertise of 1,200 employees based in Lille, Nantes and Paris, including 900 tech experts, SNCF Connect & Tech designs and implements the SNCF group's digital customer solutions. Its ambition is to innovate to make sustainable mobility accessible to all. In January 2022, SNCF Connect & Tech launched SNCF Connect, a new digital service, the successor to, which allows users to plan all short and long-distance journeys from the first to the last kilometer, with route searches, reservations, after-sales service and passenger information. This package sold 145 million tickets in 2021 (with 450 million visitors per year to the website & app, 23 million downloads). On the other hand, SNCF Connect & Tech is supporting the SNCF group's digital transformation to address the customer's entire mobility journey and interactions with SNCF. The company is involved in all layers of the IS: - Digital front-end (SNCF Connect,,, ...) and physical front-end (Terminals in stations); - Middleware with, for example, the portal for accessing offers or the itinerary engine; - Backend, notably with the TGV IC and TER inventories. By being present at all stages of the journey: - Management of passenger information flows to provide the best possible support in nominal or disrupted situations; - Equipping ticket inspectors with the application for boarding control, on-board control and anti-fraud; - Support for drivers to enable them to plan and prepare their journeys and assist their driving; - Digital services for passengers, such as the management of subscriptions and commercial cards as well as the customer account. Translated with (free version)


SNCF Connect & Tech renouvelle l’expérience voyageur
Comment SNCF Connect & Tech a positionné la data et la performance au cœur de sa transformation ?
En quoi la mobilité intégrée dispose-t-elle d'un rôle majeur dans l’enjeu de décarbonation ?

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