Impact Paris Summit 2023


How do I register for the event?

To register for the event you must request accreditation on the registration page

 How do I create an account after registering?

To create your account, please click on the "Login" tab in the menu. Fill in your email address then follow the instructions to set your password. Your account is now created.

How do I access the online conference?

On the day of the event, you will receive an email with the link to the live conference. This link will also be accessible from the home page of the website. Creating your account is essential to follow the live event.

Can I browse the site while following the live conference?

Yes, this is possible. When you are on the live conference page, if you click on another tab, the player will be positioned at the bottom right of your screen. You can then navigate through the site while continuing to listen to the conference.

We haven't answered your questions? Do not hesitate to contact us via the chatbot at the bottom left of the window or by phone at +33 (0)1 84 79 85 98.